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Thoughts on MyPublisher

I have used MyPublisher to create photobooks, Christmas cards, and calendars since 2005. I can’t pretend to have done any great research before selecting MyPublisher. The choice came about as a form of blessed serendipity as I read a review … Continue reading

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White van to the Côte d’Azur

I am delighted to announce that I have joined the “man with white van” movement after driving a Mercedes Sprinter van from Dublin to the South of France and back. The van was hired from Van, a company that … Continue reading

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Using the Microsoft Arc Mouse

My computer mouse has been looking pretty sick recently. It has clearly suffered from the demands of writing – or more accurately, it’s picked up junk from enough hands and surfaces to become grotty. It was time for a change, … Continue reading

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Replacing missing RBAC roles

There are reported instances where some RBAC roles “disappear” during the upgrade from Exchange 2010 RTM to Exchange 2010 SP1. Normally the symptom of this problem is when a user who is a member of the Organization Management role group … Continue reading

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Reflections on Exchange 2010 Maestro training

Phew! We’re done with the Exchange 2010 Maestro seminar in Anaheim and have come to the end of our mini-series. Paul Robichaux, Brian Desmond, and I are fatigued and worn from the experience but the two seminars have been tremendously … Continue reading

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Exchange 2010 SP1 training in Anaheim

Our Exchange 2010 Maestro seminar is now two days through in Anaheim, CA. We’re located in the Sheraton right beside Disneyland (its address is 900 South Disneyland Drive). The hotel is significantly better than the Doubletree that we used in … Continue reading

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Changes to retention tags in Exchange 2010 SP1

It’s always good to have your material checked by someone who is detail-focused. Over the weekend, Paul Robichaux, Brian Desmond, and I have been updating our presentations and other material for the Exchange 2010 Maestro Seminars. In particular, Brian is … Continue reading

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