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Outlook Anywhere coming to a CAS server near you soon

If you’re running Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 today and want to introduce Exchange 2013 at some point in the future (subject to code being available to permit version interoperability – see below), you’re going to have to put Exchange … Continue reading

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Protecting Exchange mailbox databases against rogue administrators

Jürgen Hasslauer gave an interesting talk at The Experts Conference (TEC) in Barcelona covering the features included in Exchange 2013 to monitor and control access to sensitive data. The talk was based on his experience of assessing Exchange against the … Continue reading

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Exchange 2013, Facebook, malfunctioning ActiveSync clients, modern public folders and more at TEC Barcelona

The European edition of The Experts Conference (TEC) rolled around in Barcelona this week. As a location, the conference center was fine, if just a tad remote from the delights of Barcelona’s city center.  The conference center is co-located with … Continue reading

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Three reasons why Surface RT disappoints

The release of Windows Surface RT devices for preorder and the resulting confusion generated through a blizzard of blog posts and tweets about many different aspects of the subject has made me think that Microsoft has dropped the ball a … Continue reading

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No Surface pre-order for Irish buyers

Being a geek at heart (and having the t-shirt to prove the fact), the reports that Microsoft Surface devices were now available for pre-order moved me to investigate the situation, especially when Henrik Walther (of fame, now holding a blue badge … Continue reading

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Exchange 2013 reaches RTM

The point at which a brand-new version of Exchange attains the necessary level of quality to allow the development group to sign the code off as being suitable for “Release to Engineering” (RTM) is a cause for celebration in Redmond. … Continue reading

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Is the PC still personal, six years after HP bought Voodoo?

You might recall the “PC is Personal Again” campaign launched by HP in 2006 to reinvigorate the PC market and announce its intention to bring new standards of design to PCs. Part of the campaign involved moving R&D funding away … Continue reading

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Exchange Unwashed September 2012 Digest

September 2012 was the month of MEC and many articles appeared to cover the happenings at the conference. I tried, but failed, to stay away from too many mentions of MEC in the “Exchange Unwashed” blog because there were many … Continue reading

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Searching, iFilters, and attachments

Ireland in October is definitely different to Florida in September. Although I didn’t see much of the outside weather during last week’s MEC in Orlando, heat and humidity has been replaced with Dublin’s ongoing mixture of rain and wind. Some … Continue reading

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Exchange community, UC architects, and engineers with a fashion sense

Back in Ireland after a week away in Orlando to take in MEC, the “forgotten conference”, I’ve had time to digest some of what happened in Florida and reflect on some topics that I didn’t get to cover in previous … Continue reading

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