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Noise-cancelling headphones and laptop woes

Reading the review of the Bose QuietComfort 20 in-ear headphones, I am reminded quite how good these headphones are.  The review goes into a level of technical detail that audiophiles will enjoy. All I can say is that I … Continue reading

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SQL 2014′s link to Exchange 4.0

It was nice to read the memories of ex-Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Hal Berenson in a post about SQL 2014’s delayed durability feature. Like me, Hal used to work at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), where he specialized on database engineering. He tells … Continue reading

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OneNote suddenly got a lot more useful

The March 17 launch of OneNote for Mac received a lot of publicity, if only a fraction of what you can expect if Microsoft makes the expected announcement about the availability of Office for the iPad on March 27 (the same … Continue reading

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Talking Exchange 2013 on RunAs Radio

Last week I chatted with Richard Campbell, the genial host of RunAs Radio, about the release of Exchange 2013 SP1, why companies wait for the first service pack to appear before they consider deploying a Microsoft server application, the best … Continue reading

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The tyranny of Flexbit’s five little lights

Like most people, I probably could do a better job of maintaining my personal level of fitness. It’s not so long ago that I refereed rugby professionally (for instance, check out this highly pixelated video from a 1999 European Challenge … Continue reading

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Twenty-five years chasing the dream of enterprise social networking

The fuss around Microsoft’s announcement of “the enterprise network and the future of work” at the SharePoint Conference (SPC14) in Las Vegas this week reminded me that we have been seeking to extract better information about the complex interconnections that … Continue reading

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Pondering the effective use of Twitter

I ignored Twitter for the first couple of years of its existence. I was at HP at the time and was aware of the research done by the Social Computing Laboratory (led by by a very smart fellow named Bernardo … Continue reading

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Exchange Unwashed Digest – December 2013

Statistics show that 118 new posts appeared on my Exchange Unwashed blog on during 2013. I was responsible for the good posts and am unsure as to the author of anything that was rubbish. Here’s what happened during December … Continue reading

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Did Exchange ActiveSync help Apple to beat RIM?

Now that the dust has settled down after the publication of my recent interview with Perry Clarke, Microsoft VP for Exchange development, it’s a good time to reflect on some of the statements made by Perry and the reaction that … Continue reading

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Motorola Mobility continues its losing streak in synchronization war with Microsoft

I spent a good part of 2012 helping Microsoft to defend a law suit in the UK High Court against Motorola Mobility. You’ll recall that Google bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in 2011 with the intention of exploiting the … Continue reading

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