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AQS and KQL: Two query languages for different versions of Exchange

Exchange 2010 uses AQS (Advanced Search Syntax) to construct its discovery searches. Exchange 2013 takes a difference approach and uses KQL (keyword query language). Why the change? AQS is shared with other Windows search components such as Windows Desktop Search. … Continue reading

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Using Search-Mailbox to look for items with a specific date

A question from a reader is often a good start to a useful discussion or to probe into a topic. Tim Read contacted me to discuss some problems he had with using the Search-Mailbox cmdlet (available in cloud and on-premises … Continue reading

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Recoverable Items and Calendar Versioning

Keeping track of calendar items such as meetings to ensure that a definitive version of the item is available is sometimes hard to do, especially when multiple clients or multiple users access a calendar. Exchange 2010 made architectural changes in … Continue reading

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Exchange 2013 workload management controls how the Mailbox Replication service uses system resources

One of the more important changes for the Mailbox Replication service (MRS) in Exchange 2013 that I discovered when researching content for “Microsoft Exchange 2013 Inside Out: Mailbox and High Availability” is how the function of the MRS configuration file has … Continue reading

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Setting server diagnostic levels in Exchange 2013

The ability to set diagnostics at different levels for the various components that function on an Exchange server has always existed. From Exchange 4.0 to Exchange 2003 you set diagnostic levels through the management console by selecting the component (for example, … Continue reading

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Retention policies: the fat-busters of the Exchange world

Exchange messaging records management (or MRM for those who deal in acronyms) has long been an interest of mine, if only because it seems to me that it makes a heap of sense to have some intelligence that processes user … Continue reading

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Exchange Unwashed Digest – July 2014

Another month has gone by and it was a busy one for my “Exchange Unwashed” blog on WindowsITPro.com. I published thirteen posts covering everything from the thorny question of just how many paid subscribers Microsoft has for Office 365 to some … Continue reading

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