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Exchange Unwashed Digest – November 2014

The normal flow of new features, updates, and bugs flowed across the “Exchange Unwashed” desk during November. Some of the bugs were puzzling, others were infuriating, but everything was interesting – at least to me. A clash between S/MIME and … Continue reading

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Good and bad in the new Outlook for Mac

Being an Office for Mac 2011 user is sometimes hard. Really hard. And not just because Office for Mac 2011 is so far behind its Windows counterpart in terms of functionality, it’s also because its applications like Outlook for Mac … Continue reading

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How to report spam that arrives in Office 365 to Microsoft

Ten years ago, Bill Gates told the World Economic Forum that the problem of spam would be solved within two years (by 2006). To be fair to Gates, he also noted that his predictions have not always been on the … Continue reading

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Using Search-Mailbox to look for items with a specific date

A question from a reader is often a good start to a useful discussion or to probe into a topic. Tim Read contacted me to discuss some problems he had with using the Search-Mailbox cmdlet (available in cloud and on-premises … Continue reading

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The strange case of the MailboxSentItemsConfiguration cmdlets

Microsoft introduced the rather useful cmdlet set of Set-MailboxSentItemsConfiguration and Get-MailboxSentItemsConfiguration a long time ago (Exchange 2010 SP2 RU4 – August 2012). As you might recall, these cmdlets allow an administrator to exert control over where Exchange stores copies of messages sent by delegates. What’s … Continue reading

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Exchange Unwashed Digest – August 2014

I spent a lot of August in France but that didn’t stop the constant demand for new content to appear in my “Exchange Unwashed” blog on WindowsITPro.com. Here’s what was published during the month. Exchange 2013 CU6 hybrid and co-existence … Continue reading

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Dealing with Inbox Clutter – with or without vacations

The news that Daimler has decided to implement software that deletes email received by users when they are on vacation might make other companies believe that such a course is a very good thing. After all, you’re not supposed to … Continue reading

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