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Exchange Unwashed Digest for December 2012

I’m a tad remiss in posting the December 2012 digest for my “Exchange Unwashed” blog that appears on WindowsITPro.com. My only excuse is that I’ve been busy working on chapters for Exchange 2013 Inside Out (Volume 1 – Volume 2 … Continue reading

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What to do about Outlook’s synchronization logs?

Those of you who read my “other” blog (at WindowsITPro.com) are probably aware of my views on Outlook’s continuing failure to be able to suppress or otherwise deal with the generous number of synchronization logs that the client generates. Last … Continue reading

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Priorities for MEC 2012 attendees

With the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) just a month away, thoughts turn to the hot topics that will be discussed there. Of course, Exchange 2013 is the top order of business and Microsoft will dedicate the majority of their sessions … Continue reading

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Getting used to Outlook 2011 for Mac

On November 8, I described how a brand-new MacBook Air had made its appearance in the IT lineup for the Redmond household and some initial teething problems that this Windows-centric (to date) individual had experienced in setting up this beautiful … Continue reading

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Clients that support Exchange 2010 archive mailboxes

My post describing the issues that can arise when you enable an Exchange 2010 mailbox to have an archive is one of the most actively discussed on this blog. I think that this points to a certain lack of familiarity that … Continue reading

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Starting a voyage with Mac

I’ve been using DOS or Windows PCs since the first IBM PC appeared. Over that time Microsoft-powered computers have infuriated and annoyed me on a regular basis but I think that I am now inured to the ways of Windows. Perhaps this … Continue reading

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Measuring Outlook 2010 network latency

One of the truths often overlooked by those who wish to rush into the cloud is that the characteristics of their network will change dramatically. Some of the traffic that is currently processed internally will have to be channeled out … Continue reading

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Using Outlook 2003 with Exchange 2010

I like Outlook 2003 a lot, mostly because it was the client that liberated users from the tyranny of extended synchronization sessions, often over a spotty dial-up connection, just to collect some new messages. In the bad old days pre-Outlook … Continue reading

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Predictions for 2011: The Exchange Market

On Tuesday, I had an interesting call with Matt Gervais of TechTarget to discuss my views on what will happen for the Exchange market in 2011. Matt is busy talking to some other folks and will share his best assessment … Continue reading

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