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Hotmail’s ActiveSync support

For as long as I have been using an iPhone, I have been frustrated by the inability of Hotmail to support a modern email access protocol. Hotmail seemed to be fixed in the mists of time at a point where … Continue reading

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Musing on searching

The publication of the post by the Exchange team to reveal the secret registry instruction to allow multi-mailbox searches to interrogate more than 25,000 mailboxes got me thinking. First,  I thought that the era of registry hacks was over for … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Microsoft Certified Master accreditation

On May 16, Microsoft announced that the exams that lead to accreditation as a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) for Exchange 2010 will be available in centers worldwide. This development, similar to the announcement about MCM for SQL made in late … Continue reading

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HP releases videos about E5000 messaging system

Last February, Paul Robichaux, Brian Desmond and I were invited by HP to come to Cupertino to look over the HP E5000 messaging system. Over two days we had the chance to quiz Dean Steadman, the HP product manager, and … Continue reading

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Exchange 2010 SP2: Not the headline release that SP1 was

As part of their announcements at TechEd, Microsoft revealed the worst secret in the Exchange world and told us that they’re working on Exchange 2010 SP2. The software is still in a restricted beta and won’t be available for some time … Continue reading

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Updated virtualization guidelines for Exchange 2010

On May 16, Microsoft took advantage of the start of TechEd North America (the marketing folks always like to have news to reveal at major conferences) to make a significant announcement about virtualization support for Exchange 2010. The two biggest … Continue reading

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Managing Office 365 with the one true shell

Exchange administrators have known since the release of Exchange 2007 that only wimps seek the soft comfort of the GUI-rich Exchange Management Console (EMC) when they attempt to manage servers, mailboxes, or other objects. Exchange Online, part of Office 365, … Continue reading

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