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European Office 365 datacenters exposed to U.S. authorities?

After the razzmatazz of the corporate Office 365 launch in NYC faded, local Microsoft subsidiaries around the world did their own thing to brief journalists and introduce details of local offerings, such as link-ups with telcos to deliver Office 365 packaged … Continue reading

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Ballmer launches Office 365

For the fun of it and because I had some spare time, I tuned into the Microsoft launch of Office 365 in NYC via the web. The content was pretty much as you’d expect from a Microsoft event: Marketing person … Continue reading

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Interesting price differences for Office 365 accounts

Due to be formally launched in NYC on Tuesday, June 28, there’s no doubt that Microsoft has had enormous success with its Office 365 beta program. Depending on whom you talk to, tens of millions of people signed up to … Continue reading

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Generating Exchange 2010 reports with PowerShell

From time to time, someone in the Exchange community outside the Exchange development group comes up with a contribution that adds an enormous amount to many different deployments. I think that the PowerShell script posted by Steve Goodman on his … Continue reading

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“The Register” runs ESEUTIL to rescue an Exchange 2003 server

It’s nice to see that “The Register” continues to support Exchange 2003 administrators with advice such as that offered in the article “Help my Exchange server just rebooted” posted on June 18, 2011.I’m assuming that the article was about Exchange … Continue reading

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Measuring Outlook 2010 network latency

One of the truths often overlooked by those who wish to rush into the cloud is that the characteristics of their network will change dramatically. Some of the traffic that is currently processed internally will have to be channeled out … Continue reading

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Quick but important survey about Exchange 2010 licensing

Paul Robichaux caused some ripples in the calm waters of Microsoft licensing when he wrote about a question that he had received from a Windows IT Pro Magazine reader. The reader was upgrading an Exchange 2003 deployment to Exchange 2010 … Continue reading

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