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G-Mailman video from Microsoft

In my post about the positioning and marketing wars between Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, I discussed the fact that the battle between Microsoft and Google is likely to be a tad dirty at times. I therefore wasn’t surprised … Continue reading

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An interesting ZDNet comparison between Google Apps and Office 365

The guest commentary by Louis Naugès posted on ZDNet (July 25, 2011) that compares Google Apps and Office 365 poses some interesting questions that deserve attention. Louis is the co-founder and chief cloud evangelist of international Google Apps integrator Revevol and is an admitted Google … Continue reading

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Useful Visio stencil for Exchange 2010 SP1

Microsoft has made an updated Microsoft Office Visio stencil for Exchange 2010 SP1 available for download. As you can see from the screen capture, a wide variety of shapes is available in the stencil including some for Windows components (Active Directory, … Continue reading

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Avoiding outdated addresses during a migration to the cloud

One of my current projects is to help a large multinational move from Exchange 2007 to a dedicated instance of Microsoft BPOS running Exchange 2010. BPOS is having some woes of its own with yet another outage causing disruption to … Continue reading

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Microsoft embarrassed by Exchange 2010 SP1 RU4

On July 13, Microsoft took the decision to withdraw Exchange 2010 SP1 RU4 (the fourth roll-up update for SP1). As you’re aware, a roll-up update (RU) is a regular release of the patches and other fixes that Microsoft has accumulated for … Continue reading

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Do PSTs contain anything of value?

In musing about the news of the PST Capture tool that Microsoft plans to release soon, I started to consider the question of whether tools like this can actually find and recover any useful information. The worry of executives and lawyers … Continue reading

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Moving a database between DAGs

A recent email discussion between MVPs focused on a topic that I totally missed in my Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Inside Out book (also available at, so think of this as an update to chapter 7. The problem arises after you set … Continue reading

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