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Support – a different cultural experience when you move into the cloud

One of the great joys of moving an application such as Exchange to a cloud provider is that they take on the responsibility of all of the mundane but necessary tasks that have to be performed to keep things going. … Continue reading

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International rugby in Cesena

The upheaval in the technology market over the last few weeks has made me remiss in terms of updating this blog with details of what’s been going on with rugby. Right now it’s an important time for the national teams … Continue reading

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Some reflections on what’s been happening @HP

I retired from HP in March 2010 and clearly a lot could have changed in the company since that time. Even so, I wasn’t prepared for the seemingly incoherent set of announcements that came out on August 18. I’ve pondered … Continue reading

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I wish I’d spent more on redundant network components…

The outfall from last week’s networking failure that stopped service to Exchange users of Microsoft’s Office 365 in North America rumbles on. My rambling on the topic is some reflections on just how much a network outage has cost Microsoft … Continue reading

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Back to Kilkee

Kilkee is a seaside resort in County Clare on the west coast of Ireland. Originally developed as a resort in the late Victorian era, Kilkee continues to be a popular destination for tourists from all around Ireland and elsewhere. My … Continue reading

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BPOS and Office 365 cloud outages – not quite nirvana yet

Last night (my time) TweetDeck exploded with a mass of customer complaints, observations, witticisms, and moaning about the problems that afflicted the Exchange Online component of Office 365. On this occasion I wasn’t affected because the network problem that Microsoft … Continue reading

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Another looming fiasco because IE9 doesn’t work with MMC

Just posted this blog to express some frustration on behalf of the Exchange technical community that Microsoft hasn’t been able to fix the problem that IE9 introduces for Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010. Essentially, once IE9 is on a server or … Continue reading

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