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September 2011 wrap-up

Lots has happened during September, much of which I have covered in other posts. This post serves as a wrap-up for other bits and pieces that I haven’t managed to get to over the month. First, a recommendation for rugby … Continue reading

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Weekend in Connemara

We’ve just passed a very pleasant and relaxing weekend in Connemara, my favourite place in Ireland. Oscar Wilde described Connemara as “savage”, probably due to the rock-strewn rugged landscape that creates a real challenge for farmers to scrape a living. … Continue reading

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Windows Server 8, Exchange, and Digital Command Language

The IT industry has a habit of refreshing itself by reusing ideas from the past. The recent news that Windows Server 8 will boast a much-enhanced array of PowerShell cmdlets and the ability to log onto servers via the web … Continue reading

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PowerShell books for Exchange Administrators

Following my post on why I think every Exchange administrator needs to know PowerShell, I was challenged to say what books someone should read to get up to speed on the topic. So here goes (click here to see my … Continue reading

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Why Exchange Online Administrators need to understand PowerShell

In my recent review of the free Microsoft Press ebook “Microsoft Office 365: Connect and collaborate virtually anywhere, anytime”, I concluded that the book was a curate’s egg for Exchange administrators. I’m not sure if the analogy worked for readers outside … Continue reading

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Some light appears at the end of the tunnel in the strange case of Exchange, IE9, and MMC

There’s been lots of debate about the issue that appears on computers running the Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 management console (EMC) after the installation of IE9.  The symptoms are described in the EHLO post of 9 September. Interestingly, the … Continue reading

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Creaking Office 365 infrastructure caused by Microsoft success?

Last April I was in sunny Las Vegas for “The Experts Conference” (TEC). While there, I reported on a keynote given by Kevin Allison, the General Manager for Exchange Customer Experience. Kevin discussed the challenges of developing a single product … Continue reading

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