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How much is your email worth?

The nice people at Backupify have created a Gmail value calculator to help solve the question that I know has been keeping everyone awake at night: “Just how much is the email in my Gmail account worth?” Apparently the answer … Continue reading

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Farewell EMC, welcome EAC – the end of Windows-based Exchange administration

In a conference room in Redmond, WA last February, Microsoft revealed to a group of Exchange MVPs that Exchange 2013 would only include a browser-based administration client. The era of traditional Microsoft Management Console (MMC)-based UIs such as the Exchange … Continue reading

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Countdown accelerates to Microsoft Exchange Conference – worth attending?

As I write, there are 67 days to go before the new, improved, and so much better Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) returns after its ten-year hiatus. Even though I have attending far too many IT conferences in Orlando, I’ll be … Continue reading

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The ALL-IN-1 Mail Filter: Forerunner of modern email rules processing

Email systems had a different ebb and flow twenty-five years ago. An average mailbox received perhaps 10-15 messages daily and the messages were simpler with fewer attachments and properties. Most messages were in the order of one printed page or … Continue reading

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Sanity slowing coming into focus in patent wars

Patents have been a lucrative source of highly profitable income for the technology companies that have accumulated sizable portfolios over the years. Companies earn income by licensing their patents to other companies or by prosecuting others who are felt to … Continue reading

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Computing survey reports on UK market – 2% still using Exchange 2000?

The U.K. is Microsoft’s largest subsidiary and has always been an important and mature market for Exchange Server. The results of a survey about the pace of transition to Exchange 2010 reported by the well-respected Computing magazine are therefore interesting … Continue reading

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Adieu Minitel

France turned off its Minitel service on June 30, thirty years after the little beige boxes first appeared in French homes. Apparently almost 800,000 devices were still in use when the time came to flip the switch from the maximum … Continue reading

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