December update for Office 365 for Exchange Professionals (2nd edition)

We have just published an update to the second edition of Office 365 for Exchange Professionals. The new update is dated 18 December 2015 and is now available from (PDF and EPUB formats) and (Kindle format).

[Editorial note: The original December update was 16 Dec 2015, but I found a couple of places where some formatting adjustments were needed, so the wonders of eBook publishing makes everything good again.]

The following are the major areas of change in this update:

Chapter 4: Section covering the Hybrid Configuration Wizard rewritten to reflect new version. Several other changes made to remove or update material. Updates on using modern authentication with Office 365.

Chapter 6: Note on administrator accounts and the need to keep on-premises mailboxes under 45 GB before attempting to move them to Office 365. Update to settings available through the Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration cmdlet.

Chapter 7: New parameters for the Set-UnifiedGroup cmdlet. New section on Connectors for Office 365 Groups. Note on why OWA and mobile clients create fake posts in conversations. Notes about dynamic Office 365 Groups and the need for premium AAD licenses.

Chapter 10: Section added on recovery of soft-deleted hybrid mailboxes. New section on Public Folders and Directory-Based Edge Blocking

Chapter 11: Updated information about how to configure DKIM message signing in Office 365.

Chapter 14: Office 365 Groups can now be included in Exchange Online eDiscovery searches (through EAC). Public folders can be added to compliance searches (Compliance Center). Description of the new UI used to create queries in compliance searches

Chapter 17: Owner access is now supported for mailbox auditing. Changes to reflect the new UI for the Office 365 Activity Report.

Chapter 18: Updates for Clutter and Skype for Business

See this page for more information about how to get updates for books you have already purchased.

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5 Responses to December update for Office 365 for Exchange Professionals (2nd edition)

  1. NT says:

    Tony, Amazon link is still saying September 2015?
    I also presume that 16th December 2016 above is a typo. 🙂

    • The edition is from September 2015, but we have updated it (yesterday), so the date on the book is 16 December 2015. If you scroll down through the Amazon description, it says “This version is accurate as of 16 December 2015.” Perhaps I should move this text higher up.

      And yes, there was a typo… now fixed. I shouldn’t try and do 42 different things at one time. Note to self for 2016…

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