Second edition of “Office 365 for Exchange Professionals” updated

We have now released the last update that we plan to make to the 2nd edition of the “Office 365 for Exchange Professionals” eBook. This is not because we intend to leave the material to age gracefully (or not). Instead, we are starting work on the 3rd edition of the book. This edition should be available in late April or early May and will feature a lot of new material and updates covering anything from Delve Analytics to Office 365 Planner.

We also plan to restructure the book. The content has grown substantially from the original edition released in May 2015 (615 pages) to its current 833 pages spanning some 322,000 words. We will therefore spend some time to remove redundant information and what we think of as being less useful content to allow us to fit new information in without creating a thousand-page monster.

The fun fact I just found out is that we have 498 PowerShell examples in the book! Although slightly irritating that we didn’t make a nice round 500, that’s quite a few illustrations of how to use PowerShell with Office 365.

Free updates are available to those who bought the second edition through If you’re in this category, you’ll receive an email soon to tell you when the updated files are available to you.

We have started the process to convince Amazon to make an update available to Kindle purchasers. Hopefully they will oblige us and make the update available in the near future.

The current content for all formats is now dated 30-Mar-2016. More information about how we update the book can be found in this blog post. New purchasers can head to or depending on your preference…

The following table lists the major areas that were updated for the 10-Feb-2016 update to the second edition. [We have since made a few minor changes and updated the release date to 17-Feb-2016].

Chapter Change
1 Addition of data for Office 365 from Microsoft Q2 FY16 financial results
2 Addition of Q3 2015 SLA figures for Office 365
2 Mention of Microsoft Cloud Networking posters for Cloud Architects
4 New section “Life after Hybrid” covering how to remove on-premises servers when they are no longer required.
7 New conversations view for Office 365 Groups in OWA (Figure 7-14).
7 Pointer included for example of how to use the REST-based API to explore Office 365 Groups data.
7 Clarification about being able to use Send As permission with an Office 365 Group
7 Now possible to set storage quotas for the site used by an Office 365 Group
8 New public folder favorite picker for Outlook Web App
8 New public folder mailbox limit of 1,000 for Exchange Online
10 New section on synchronizing Office 365 Groups to on-premises Active Directory using Azure AD Connect
10 Clarification about how user thumbnails are synchronized in a hybrid environment and within Office 365 workloads
11 Addition of DKIM support in EAC
11 Message tracing in EAC
11 Additional information about the usage of the Get-MailDetailTransportRuleReport cmdlet
12 Updates and corrections to reflect current Office 365 clients
14 Clarification about the use of discovery mailboxes
18 New download video controls for the Office 365 video portal
18 Problem with messages not being delivered when the Clutter folder is removed from a mailbox
Appendix A Notes and corrections about using the write-back feature with directory synchronization and Office 365 Groups

In addition, some incorrect figure numbering in Chapter 14 has been rectified and a number of misspelt words and incorrect instances of formatting have been addressed.

Update: Several minor changes have been made to the book since we released the Feb 10 set of changes. All are pretty inconsequential, but we like to keep on top of things.

These changes keep pace with what’s happening inside Office 365 and increase the value of the book to our readers. At least, we like to think that is the case.

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