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Progress Report: Fourth Edition of Office 365 for IT Pros

The publication of the fourth edition of the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook is delayed until June 1, 2017. Continue reading

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Microsoft Office 365 Administration Inside Out – Lost in Updates?

Microsoft Press seems to have delayed the second edition of Office 365 Administration Inside Out. Perhaps it’s because they have discovered just how hard it is to write about a service that is constantly changing. Continue reading

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The curse of badly written blogs

As a frequent blogger, I take great interest in other blogs, especially those who offer coverage of topics that interest me, such as Exchange and Office 365, or even military history, if it comes to that. Recently, it seems that … Continue reading

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Visiting Omaha Beach (WN62 and the American Military Cemetery)

For anyone interested in military history, a visit to Normandy provides an excuse to visit some of the World War II sites in the area. I have been visiting the area on and off since 1973 and think I have … Continue reading

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Slipping standards in how Office 365 is reported and analyzed in the technology press

Those who observe the way that news is reported about developments in the Office 365 space might be uncomfortably aware that standards are slipping. The basic problem is that once Microsoft posts some information about a product announcement or other … Continue reading

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Exchange Unwashed Digest March 2015

March 2015 was a busy month, if only because I was heads-down writing content for the “Office 365 for Exchange Professionals” eBook that is scheduled for launch at Microsoft Ignite in Chicago next month. At this point it’s a matter … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different – Monty Python Live

I’m sure many of you don’t appreciate the humour of Monty Python because it is very much an acquired taste. But those of us who were brought up in the black-and-white TV era appreciate the wit and insightful comment that … Continue reading

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