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Twenty-five years chasing the dream of enterprise social networking

The fuss around Microsoft’s announcement of “the enterprise network and the future of work” at the SharePoint Conference (SPC14) in Las Vegas this week reminded me that we have been seeking to extract better information about the complex interconnections that … Continue reading

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Enterprise Vault, ALL-IN-1, and all that

My recent post about the origins of Symantec’s Enterprise Vault product provoked a flurry of email conversations with many people, including the redoubtable Nigel Dutt, ex-CTO of KVS, the creators of Enterprise Vault. Nigel and I have butted heads over … Continue reading

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The Email Museum

Email has been part of our life for so long that it’s hard to remember a time when email was not pervasive and available on so many devices in so many forms. But there was a time when email access … Continue reading

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The changing need for backups

New technology and different business requirements are seminal events that cause technologists to ponder on well-held tenets of their trade. The need for Exchange backups is one such instance. The technical developments are the elimination of streamed backups in Exchange … Continue reading

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ALL-IN-1 trivia quiz from 1985

ALL-IN-1 was a forms-driven Office Automation (OA) product released by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Its origin were in software called the Charlotte Package of Office Systems Solutions (CP/OSS) written in 1981-82 by DEC Software Services in Charlotte, NC. The software … Continue reading

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