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BPOS and Office 365 cloud outages – not quite nirvana yet

Last night (my time) TweetDeck exploded with a mass of customer complaints, observations, witticisms, and moaning about the problems that afflicted the Exchange Online component of Office 365. On this occasion I wasn’t affected because the network problem that Microsoft … Continue reading

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Microsoft tells BPOS customers to wait until they can be migrated to Office 365

I just made this blog post on WindowsITPro.com. It reflects on some issues raised by Microsoft’s August 7 post on TechNet that explains that basic steps required to migrate an organization manually from BPOS to Office 365. If you are … Continue reading

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An interesting ZDNet comparison between Google Apps and Office 365

The guest commentary by Louis Naugès posted on ZDNet (July 25, 2011) that compares Google Apps and Office 365 poses some interesting questions that deserve attention. Louis is the co-founder and chief cloud evangelist of international Google Apps integrator Revevol and is an admitted Google … Continue reading

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Avoiding outdated addresses during a migration to the cloud

One of my current projects is to help a large multinational move from Exchange 2007 to a dedicated instance of Microsoft BPOS running Exchange 2010. BPOS is having some woes of its own with yet another outage causing disruption to … Continue reading

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Preparing for Spring Connections and first impressions of Office 365

Earlier this week Brian K. Winstead, the author of the Exchange and Outlook blog on http://www.windowsitpro.com, contacted me to ask about the keynote that I’ll be giving at the Spring 2011 Exchange Connections event at the JW Marriott Resort hotel … Continue reading

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Exchange in the Cloud

I wrote this text as a “web-only chapter” for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Inside Out, (also available at Amazon.co.uk and as a Kindle edition, with other e-book formats for the book are available from the O’Reilly web site). Unfortunately the chapter … Continue reading

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