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Chasing down mailbox delegate access in Exchange Online

A recent question from a reader focuses on the need to determine the last logon time for Exchange users. The organization is in the middle of moving to Exchange Online and some management reporting scripts that are used do not … Continue reading

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The curious drop in mail items reported by Get-MailboxStatistics

Office 365 provides users with 50 GB mailbox quotas, so you’d expect that these mailboxes accumulate tens of thousands of items over time, especially as the default retention policy applied by Exchange Online does not clean out Deleted Items folders … Continue reading

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Reporting delegate access to Exchange mailboxes

All current versions of Exchange 2013 (up to and including CU6) and Exchange Online (Office 365) contain a bug that can compromise the ability of companies to comply with discovery orders. The bug means that a user can remove items … Continue reading

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Applying a retention policy to control Exchange 2013 Health Mailboxes (or trying to, anyway)

Reading Jeff Guillet’s ExBPA blog the other day, I came across an entry describing a solution for the problem posed by Exchange 2013’s health mailboxes when journaling. The health mailboxes are new in Exchange 2013 and are used by the … Continue reading

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