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Why are people surprised when Google uses their data?

I’m not sure that the degree of shock being expressed within the press about Google “reading” email is altogether justified. A good example is the London Guardian’s headline of “Don’t expect privacy when sending to Gmail”, arising from a defense … Continue reading

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Exchange Unwashed Digest May 2013

May 2013 produced some thoughts about site mailboxes, CU1 improvements, planning tools, and even a Windows Phone application in the Exchange Unwashed Blog. Here’s what happened in detail. Using an Office 365 free trial domain to test software (May 30): … Continue reading

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Exchange Unwashed digest: April 2013

April 2013 saw the appearance of Exchange 2013 CU1 to release the restrictions that had previously stopped anyone running a “legacy” version of Exchange from installing Exchange 2013 into an existing organization. More stuff happened during April too, and some … Continue reading

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Sending cash via Gmail: an invitation to scammers?

Am I the only one to have a small nagging doubt about Google’s announcement that they now allow Gmail users to send money to each other? Given the commentary that I have read so far, it seems like I am. … Continue reading

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Google flogging a dead horse with Motorola pager patent

For those who follow patent matters, the spat between Google and Microsoft revolving around whether Exchange ActiveSync infringes a Motorola pager patent dating from August 1995 has moved on to Germany, where an associated case is being heard in Mannheim. … Continue reading

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Google and Microsoft spat over ActiveSync: Hardly a war, more like a skirmish

January 30 Update: Just on the deadline, it seems like Google has acceded to a request from Microsoft to extend its support for ActiveSync connections to Gmail until July 31, 2013. The step simply makes sense as it reduces the … Continue reading

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Searching, iFilters, and attachments

Ireland in October is definitely different to Florida in September. Although I didn’t see much of the outside weather during last week’s MEC in Orlando, heat and humidity has been replaced with Dublin’s ongoing mixture of rain and wind. Some … Continue reading

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Tools to manage email and some PowerShell cheat sheets

It was interesting to see the launch of “Inbox Pause”, an add-in for Gmail from Baydin Software, the same folks who develop Boomerang for Gmail (and indeed, Boomerang for Outlook). These add-ins are designed to help manage the constant flow … Continue reading

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How much is your email worth?

The nice people at Backupify have created a Gmail value calculator to help solve the question that I know has been keeping everyone awake at night: “Just how much is the email in my Gmail account worth?” Apparently the answer … Continue reading

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April 2012 articles published on WindowsITPro.com

Here’s the digest of articles published on my WindowsITPro.com blog in April 2012. FAST searching coming to Office 15 server applications (April 26) reports that the Office 15 wave of server applications (Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013, and Lync 2013) will share a … Continue reading

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