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Some technology updates, some glitches, mostly good

Since returning from the network wilderness that sometimes afflicted us during our recent trip to France, it seemed like a good idea to complete some technology refreshes that had been on the back-burner during vacation. The first was to remove … Continue reading

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Recommended: Windows Phone 8.1 update

It’s been two weeks since I took Paul Thurrott’s advice to upgrade my Nokia Lumia 1020 to Windows Phone 8.1 (the developer pre-release). In that time I have roamed from Ireland to France and Italy and the phone has functioned … Continue reading

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Initial experiences with the Nokia Lumia 1020

As many of the gentle readers of this blog might know, I took the plunge into Windows Phone about two years ago when I changed over from my iPhone to use a Nokia Lumia 800. During that time not all … Continue reading

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