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Bricked Lumia returns, great joy all round

My bricked Nokia Lumia 800 returned from maintenance on February 25, some 27 days after I left it in because the phone had decided that it did not want to turn on. Nokia made several attempts to fix the problem … Continue reading

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Bricked Nokia forces reconsideration of available options

Infuriatingly, my Nokia Lumia 800 decided to turn itself into an expensive brick this afternoon whilst playing a podcast. No number of curses, sacred chants, or combination of button pressing could persuade the Lumia to come back to life, so … Continue reading

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Monday miscellany

Some random thoughts to fill in the vacuum of a boring Monday afternoon in January… First, why doesn’t the Nokia Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7.5 display a status bar to show the current state of the battery, wireless connectivity, … Continue reading

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More observations on Windows Phone (and the Nokia Lumia 800)

I received quite a reaction to my post about moving from iPhone to Windows Phone 7.5 and the Nokia Lumia 800 (I note that Paul Robichaux, a died-in-the-wool Apple fanĀ if one ever existed has now declared his lurking desire for … Continue reading

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Moving back to Windows Phone

I’ve been using an iPhone 3GS for the last two years and have enjoyed the experience. I even wanted to get an iPhone 4S before Christmas but couldn’t get one for love or money anywhere in Dublin. I might not … Continue reading

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