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Announcing the 2nd edition of Office 365 for Exchange Professionals

When Paul Cunningham, Michael Van Horenbeeck, and I set out to write the best possible book covering all aspects of Exchange Online and the other parts of Office 365 that administrators should understand, we knew that the old publishing model … Continue reading

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Announcing “Office 365 for Exchange Professionals”

The world of technical book publishing is going through a transformation. More information is available than ever before online; software and hardware products evolve faster; people demand up to date knowledge that is also insightful and in-depth. These factors create … Continue reading

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ePublishing for Technology: a new book on Exchange 2013 High Availability

Time is both the greatest enemy and greatest friend of technical books. I know that seems like a statement which makes little sense, but truth lurks in these words. We all know that technology now evolves at an ever-increasing cadence. … Continue reading

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Should we spend less time discussing software bugs?

Is there a vague possibility that the technical community spends too much time complaining about software bugs? This rather startling proposition came up during a discussion with Paul Cunningham, of ExchangeServerPro fame. Paul remarked that we seem to spend a … Continue reading

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Adapting Exchange on-premises scripts for Exchange Online

Since the introduction of PowerShell in the form of the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) in Exchange 2007, many scripts have been written to ease the burden of Exchange administration by automating common operations. Microsoft has broadened the scope and depth … Continue reading

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Using an intelligent Twitter stream to keep up to date

I am often asked how I track new developments and information about Exchange, Office 365, Windows or the other technologies in which I am interested. My response is “by using Twitter intelligently”. There’s no doubt that an extraordinary amount of … Continue reading

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