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Tools to manage email and some PowerShell cheat sheets

It was interesting to see the launch of “Inbox Pause”, an add-in for Gmail from Baydin Software, the same folks who develop Boomerang for Gmail (and indeed, Boomerang for Outlook). These add-ins are designed to help manage the constant flow … Continue reading

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Exchange Unwashed Digest August 2012

Another month has gone by so here’s the digest listing of posts to my “Exchange Unwashed” blog on WindowsITPro.com. After a year or so of posting to WindowsITPro, I’ve settled into a routine of publication every Tuesday and Thursday. Given … Continue reading

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Fall Exchange Connections wrap-up

I’m home from the Fall 2011 Exchange Connections conference and have successfully transitioned from the Las Vegas sunshine to the drab wonders of an Irish winter. I’m wondering whether I will be able to readjust back to both the weather … Continue reading

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September 2011 wrap-up

Lots has happened during September, much of which I have covered in other posts. This post serves as a wrap-up for other bits and pieces that I haven’t managed to get to over the month. First, a recommendation for rugby … Continue reading

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Windows Server 8, Exchange, and Digital Command Language

The IT industry has a habit of refreshing itself by reusing ideas from the past. The recent news that Windows Server 8 will boast a much-enhanced array of PowerShell cmdlets and the ability to log onto servers via the web … Continue reading

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PowerShell books for Exchange Administrators

Following my post on why I think every Exchange administrator needs to know PowerShell, I was challenged to say what books someone should read to get up to speed on the topic. So here goes (click here to see my … Continue reading

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Why Exchange Online Administrators need to understand PowerShell

In my recent review of the free Microsoft Press ebook “Microsoft Office 365: Connect and collaborate virtually anywhere, anytime”, I concluded that the book was a curate’s egg for Exchange administrators. I’m not sure if the analogy worked for readers outside … Continue reading

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Generating Exchange 2010 reports with PowerShell

From time to time, someone in the Exchange community outside the Exchange development group comes up with a contribution that adds an enormous amount to many different deployments. I think that the PowerShell script posted by Steve Goodman on his … Continue reading

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Managing Office 365 with the one true shell

Exchange administrators have known since the release of Exchange 2007 that only wimps seek the soft comfort of the GUI-rich Exchange Management Console (EMC) when they attempt to manage servers, mailboxes, or other objects. Exchange Online, part of Office 365, … Continue reading

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Connecting to Exchange 2010 with PowerShell

One of Microsoft’s goals for Exchange 2010 is to provide administrators with the ability to manage servers from workstations without requiring the installation of the Exchange 2010 management components. Obviously some pre-requisites exist in that PowerShell 2.0 and Windows Remote … Continue reading

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