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Office 365 message encryption and HABs

Some interesting things happened in the Office 365 world this week. First, Microsoft announced that message encryption is now being rolled out to customers to fulfil their goal of providing a method to encrypt messages sent to any recipient rather … Continue reading

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Do LinkedIn smartphone apps harvest contact data from Gmail?

Is anyone else irritated by the way LinkedIn appears to harvest email addresses in an attempt to persuade you to transform correspondents into LinkedIn contacts? I’ve often wondered where LinkedIn got its information about people that I might like to … Continue reading

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Microsoft CVP on the current state of Windows Phone and its competitors

Terry Myerson, who previously ran the Exchange development group, is now the Microsoft Corporate Vice-President (CVP) for Windows Phone. He has always had strong opinions and it came as no surprise that Terry would voice some trenchant views when he was interviewed … Continue reading

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Google and Microsoft spat over ActiveSync: Hardly a war, more like a skirmish

January 30 Update: Just on the deadline, it seems like Google has acceded to a request from Microsoft to extend its support for ActiveSync connections to Gmail until July 31, 2013. The step simply makes sense as it reduces the … Continue reading

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HP: Once more into the smartphone breach?

Meg Whitman’s interview with Fox Business News where the CEO of HP revealed “My view is we have to ultimately offer a smartphone because in many countries of the world, that is your first computing device” is a little surprising … Continue reading

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Bad week for Microsoft partners

This week has been some week for Microsoft partners. First, all of the OEMs who have faithfully followed Microsoft’s weaving way through operating systems towards the Promised Land of Windows 8 had their collective noses rubbed into the dirt when … Continue reading

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