Exchange 2010 SP1 Book

The broad outline of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Inside Out that I am working on is given below. This may well change when Microsoft Press starts to fit the chapters that I have written into the format of the published book. In any case, it gives a reasonable idea of the areas that I have been working on:

  • Chapter 1: Introducing Exchange 2010 and SP1
  • Chapter 2: PowerShell
  • Chapter 3: Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Chapter 4: Exchange Management Console and Exchange Control Panel (ECP)
  • Chapter 5: Mailbox management
  • Chapter 6: Exchange 2010 Store (all the changes at database level)
  • Chapter 7: Exchange 2010 High Availability (Database Availability Groups and the like)
  • Chapter 8: Public Folders (they haven’t gone away you know)
  • Chapter 9: Backup and Restore
  • Chapter 10: Selecting hardware for Exchange 2010
  • Chapter 11: Clients (Outlook 2010, OWA 2010, ActiveSync, etc.)
  • Chapter 12: Client Access Server
  • Chapter 13: Mailbox Support Services (moves, imports, exports, OAB, etc.)
  • Chapter 14: Transport
  • Chapter 15: Message hygiene
  • Chapter 16: Compliance (archives, retention policies, etc.)
  • Chapter 17: Transport and journal rules
  • Chapter 18: Exchange Toolbox
  • Chapter 19: Moving Exchange into the Cloud

Right now, the current word count is a tad over 387,000 and I am not yet finished writing… By comparison, my Exchange 2007 SP1 book was about 325,000 words. The vast majority of the text in this book is brand new and this plus the additional volume gives you some idea about the amount of new technology in Exchange 2010. Even with such a high word count, I know that I can’t cover everything and I believe that I am going to have to cut to get back to a reasonable size. After all, I wouldn’t like readers to hurt themselves if they drop the book on their toes!

– Tony

Update: See this post to get details of the latest state of the book. Suffice to say that many changes have had to be made to get the book down to a reasonable size. Three chapters have been cut!


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3 Responses to Exchange 2010 SP1 Book

  1. Amit Tank says:

    Nice to hear that we will be having another great book for Exchange 2010 SP1 like yours Exchange 2007 SP1 one.

  2. Danny says:

    Don’t suppose theres a way to get hold of the three chapters that had to be dropped eh? really enjoy reading your work….

  3. I’ll probably publish some of the material in this blog else we might find a way to produce a PDF version of the three chapters and include it on the CD that comes with the book.

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