Cloud Computing Explained – A good guide

Cloud Computing is all the rage these days but people tend to think about their own piece of the IT spectrum when it comes to considering how cloud computing will affect the industry. I guess that’s natural. In any case, if you’re looking for a concise book that drags together the issues and influences about different aspects of cloud computing for the enterprise, you’d could pick up a copy of John Rhoton’s book Cloud Computing Explained: Implementation Handbook for Enterprises, also available from

Cloud Computing Explained

I’ve known John since 1986 and he has always impressed me as a technologist and the calm but effective way he goes about learning new technologies and then putting them into practice. He has written a series of books on anything from programming Internet messaging protocols (IMAP4, POP3, SMTP and the like) to wireless. His book on cloud is an interesting and worthwhile read that will help people to come up to speed about what’s happening in this space.

Another interesting aspect of this book is that it is self-published. Believe it or not, it’s difficult to get a manuscript accepted by a publisher these days, even if you are an author with a good track record. John decided to do everything himself and dedicated some time to research the process before deciding what approach to take. It seems to be working out pretty well for him as he has gone ahead with a second edition of the cloud book.

John subsequently collaborated with Risto Haukioja in April 2011 to develop thoughts on how to architect solutions that need to use cloud technology in their book Cloud Computing Architected: Solution Design Handbook.

These books are definitely worth investigating if you’re interested in this area. If you go to using the link above, you can browse through some sample content.

– Tony

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