Be careful when you use BCCs

I’ve just posted a mea cupla to¬†describing a recent embarrassing situation that I caused for myself by copying someone as a BCC recipient on a note sent to a confidential distribution list. That person then promptly sent a note to the distribution list and exposed the fact that they now knew about the existence of the list. Cue major uproar and a red face for me.

I feel bad about the whole situation, especially for the people who own the distribution list whose confidence I (somewhat) betrayed. My thoughts about the person who sent the note were probably darker, but I guess they believed that they thought that they were doing the right thing. In any case, my tale of woe is a caution to all that you should only BCC someone on email if you are sure that they’ll use the information contained in messages properly – and that they won’t drop you in the brown smelly stuff that emits from bovines.

– Tony

About Tony Redmond ("Thoughts of an Idle Mind")

Office 365 MVP and author
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