Tony Redmond’s Guide to MEC 2014 – MVP Sessions

I have already shared my recommendations for sessions to attend at the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC). Many of these sessions will be given by Microsoft employees, including members of different product development groups. There’s no doubt that great value can be gained from listening to technical information provided by Microsoft (especially the people who actually write the code), but equal value can be obtained by sharing the views of real-world experts, all of whom are more than willing to share their independent opinions about Exchange, Office 365, Lync, and related topics.

MVPs attending MEC

MVPs attending MEC

Microsoft calls these folks “Most Valuable Professionals” or MVPs, a designation that is awarded on an annual basis. Recognition as an MVP is often associated with contributions to the technical community such as delivering sessions at conferences such as MEC, so there’s no surprise to find that a good selection of MEC sessions will be either delivered or chaired (in the case of Q&A panels) by MVPs. In summary, 14 Exchange MVPs and 3 Office 365 MVPs will deliver 16 sessions and chair 7 of the “Experts Unplugged” panel sessions. This data might potentially change before the conference to accommodate the need to switch sessions, so be sure to check with the official MEC agenda at the conference.

The table below lists the sessions associated with MVPs. URLs to blogs and/or the MVP web site are provided to allow you to discover more about the individual MVPs.

Monday, March 30
1:15pm Using Exchange as a platform for Innovation (Exchange Web Services) Glen Scales
2:45pm Exchange Unified Messaging Deep Dive Paul Robichaux
4:30pm Modern Public Folders migration and Office 365 Siegfried Jagott
4:30pm Experts Unplugged: Exchange Top Issues Tony Redmond (chair)
Tuesday, April 1
9am Eliminate the Compliance Regulatory Nightmare J. Peter Bruzzese
9am Experts Unplugged: Public Folders and Site Mailboxes Siegfried Jagott (chair)
9am How to remote control Office 365 with Azure Martina Grom/Toni Pohl
10:45am Experts Unplugged: Transport and Hygiene Jeff Guillet (chair)/ Brian Reid
1:30pm Experts Unplugged: Exchange Online migrations Martina Grom (chair)
3pm Architect Exchange, smoking holes and long tails Nicolas Blank
3pm Experts Unplugged: High Availability and Storage Mike Crowley (chair)
4:45pm Experts Unplugged: Security End to End Mike Crowley (chair)
4:45pm Make Role Based Access Control work for you Bhargav Shukla
Wednesday, April 2
8:30am Build a hybrid configuration in less than 75 minutes Michael Van Horenbeeck
8:30am Exchange backup, restore, and disaster recovery Jaap Wesselius
8:30am Experts Unplugged: Transport and Hygiene (repeat) Jeff Guillet (chair)/ Brian Reid
8:30am Retention policies in the real world: Notes from the field Tony Redmond
10:45am Five real-life scenarios of Office 365 in education Jethro Seghers
10:45am Experts Unplugged: Exchange Deployment Jeff Guillet
1pm Cross forest migrations: Free or 3rd party tools Jason Sherry
2:45pm Exchange Online Archiving: Notes from the field Michael Van Horenbeeck
2:45pm Experts Unplugged: Architecture – Management and Monitoring Jeff Guillet (chair)
2:45pm Integration Exchange 2013 with Lync and SharePoint Bhargav Shukla
4:45pm Experts Unplugged: Exchange Top Issues (repeat) Tony Redmond
4:45pm Extending Data Loss Prevention for your business Brian Reid
4:45pm Load balancing Exchange and Lync Bhargav Shukla
4:45pm The UC Architects Live Michael Van Horenbeeck (chair)

Unfortunately Steve Goodman isn’t able to be with us at MEC due to unforeseen circumstances. I’m sure that his intended session covering off-boarding techniques for moving from Office 365 to on-premises Exchange 2013 would have been interesting, if not popular with those who are cloud-centric.

There are approximately 150 MVPs covering the Exchange and Office 365 specialities. I think 32 of the group will be at MEC (28 Exchange MVPs), including those listed above. All have strong opinions about technology. Be sure to ask then about your most difficult technical issues!

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