Exchange Oscars at MEC 2014

The Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) brings people together who are interested in Exchange and associated products. It’s a great gathering of talent and passion and it provided a suitable time to recognize people who have made contributions to the development of Exchange over the near and long term.

The Exchange product group and the Exchange MVPs came together on the evening of April 1 to have some fun and laughter over food and drink, to rehash old stories of versions long gone, features long cut or never shipped, challenging customers, experiences at past conferences, and generally chill out after day 2 of MEC. And then Greg Taylor acted as the master of ceremonies to distribute the “Exchange Oscars.” As usual (and as expected), Greg did an excellent job of introducing each award with some well-founded commentary.

Exchange MVPs had voted for members of the product group in several categories and the reverse had happened so that product group members voted for MVPs. The right people were recognized by their peers, which is always a good thing.

Happy Exchange Oscars 2014 recipients

Happy Exchange Oscars 2014 recipients

The two top awards were the Exchange Hall of Fame Oscars. Paul Robichaux was recognized in the MVP category along with David Espinoza from the product group. Both have truly made a long-term contribution to the development of Exchange and richly deserved the recognition. Others recognized were

Product Group:

  • Brian Day (most helpful PG member)
  • Jeff Mealiffe (best presenter)
  • Scott Schnoll (most wishes he was still an MVP)
  • Shawn McGrath (best tool – ExRCA)
  • Ross Smith IV (best EHLO blog post since last MEC)

Exchange MVPs:

  • Lee Benjamin (best at knowledge sharing)
  • Paul Cunningham (best code contribution)
  • Michael Van Horenbeeck (most promising MVP)
  • Ed Crowley (the “tough love” award)
  • Jeff Guillet (most influential blog)
  • Andy David (most active poster on various distribution lists)

It was a great evening that was well organized by Marissa Salazar and well attended by both the product group (many new faces were spotted) and MVPs. I think this event will become part of MEC tradition. Roll on the next MEC!

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5 Responses to Exchange Oscars at MEC 2014

  1. Congraulation for all ….It should be the happiest moment

  2. congratulations for the all the award winners! keep up your contribution!!

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  4. dameluthas says:

    I’ve had the opportunity to meet Jeff, Paul and Scott this weekend at MEC… an awesome group of guys..

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