Announcing a Kindle version of “Office 365 for Exchange Professionals”

After a certain amount of struggle, mostly associated with the need to provide book files formatted in a certain manner, the “Office 365 for Exchange Professionals” team is happy to announce that we now have a Kindle version of the book available on

Our original intention was not to create a Kindle version. The work necessary to format a large and complex book (many tables, graphics, and footnotes over the 630-odd pages) didn’t seem worth the effort, especially when we had a perfectly good EPUB version already available. In particular, we weren’t happy with the way that code examples are treated. And the way that Amazon publishes Kindle books through its Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform didn’t seem to match our desire to create frequent updates for the book.

However, we continued to receive a number of requests to support Kindle and so resolved to attack the problem again. After working through some “interesting” conversions, a Kindle edition is now available in Amazon stores worldwide.

We will continue to sell the book on, where you can download PDF and EPUB versions. Amazon is easier for those who only want to read the book on a Kindle and like the way that Amazon wirelessly delivers content to Kindle devices. We actually believe that PDF on a PC is the best reading experience, but we want to support choice.

As mentioned above, we intend to issue frequent updates. The next edition should be available in September 2015 to coincide with the IT/DEV Connections conference in Las Vegas when all of the author team will be speaking at the event. When a new edition is available, we will release first on and then work on the Kindle version. Once the new Kindle version is ready, we will publish it and withdraw the current edition from sale. The versions will be clearly marked as “May 2015 edition”, “September 2015 edition”, and so on, and we will include a description of the changes that are present in each version.

Right now, we are busy preparing the September 2015 edition. Many updates and new material have been incorporated in a number of chapters (35 additional pages to date) based on recent developments inside Office 365. More information will come as we have the chance to use some of the new technology that Microsoft announced at the recent Ignite conference, assuming that technology is available to Office 365 tenants by the start of September

Based on our experience to date, it seems like three-times-a-year might be a good cadence to attain for updates. Of course, that depends on having sufficient material to warrant an update, but signs are that Microsoft will continue to pump out changes into “the service” and those changes need to be examined, analyzed, and documented. That’s the task we have taken on and intend to see through. Hopefully you’ll join us on the journey.

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Lead author for the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook and writer about all aspects of the Office 365 ecosystem.
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