Office 365 Exposed, Episode 11

Last week, I chatted with MVPs Paul Robichaux, Alan Byrne, and Vasil Michev in the palatial surroundings of the Continental Hotel in Budapest, and Paul taped the conversation as episode #11 in our “Office 365 Exposed” series. You can listen to the recording on Paul’s website or iTunes (sometimes it takes a day or so before iTunes picks up new episodes).

Paul and I do the podcast when we manage to carve out time in our diaries – or when we are in close geographic proximity. In this case, we were very happy to have Alan and Vasil join us to add their views to the mix.

Episode 11 covers some interesting topics (at least in my mind), including the impact of the Meltdown/Spectre vulnerability on on-premises Windows servers running Exchange and SharePoint (see Paul Cunningham’s excellent write-up on this topic), the nature of SharePoint Online and why Microsoft’s newly released free migration tool might be all you need, given the much simpler form SharePoint takes in the cloud, and the experiences in Quadrotech as the company moved from Slack to Microsoft Teams.  And yes, Teams didn’t replace email.


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