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Pondering the effective use of Twitter

I ignored Twitter for the first couple of years of its existence. I was at HP at the time and was aware of the research done by the Social Computing Laboratory (led by by a very smart fellow named Bernardo … Continue reading

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Using an intelligent Twitter stream to keep up to date

I am often asked how I track new developments and information about Exchange, Office 365, Windows or the other technologies in which I am interested. My response is “by using Twitter intelligently”. There’s no doubt that an extraordinary amount of … Continue reading

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Twitter Spam: Or why having lots of followers isn’t much good after all

One of the interesting (but banal) things that I have picked up as I have attended technical conferences over the last year or so is the fascination that some people have with the number of “followers” that they’ve attracted through … Continue reading

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Twitter can make twits of us all

It might be that the nature of Twitter will either delight or infuriate those who consume its feeds. I’m not quite sure which side of the line I come down on, but I do continue to use Twitter. My problem with … Continue reading

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Doing the right thing on Twitter and Facebook

I realize that many of my friends outside the U.K. won’t be habitual readers of “The Telegraph” so might have missed the opportunity to update their social skills through the release of Netiquette: Debrett’s Guide to Twitter and Facebook. Of … Continue reading

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