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PowerShell to the rescue to control Exchange 2013 logging

I’m sure that you, like me, pay close attention to Microsoft’s stated requirements to install Exchange 2013.  It is, after all, gripping reading of the kind that is guaranteed to lull the reader into a deep sleep within 22 nanoseconds. … Continue reading

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Zombie health mailboxes and EAS probes

When I discussed how some corrupt health mailboxes came about following my flattening of an Exchange 2013 server, I called them “zombie mailboxes”, which might have seemed unkind to some. In fact, it’s an accurate reporting of the fact that … Continue reading

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Announcing “Office 365 for Exchange Professionals”

The world of technical book publishing is going through a transformation. More information is available than ever before online; software and hardware products evolve faster; people demand up to date knowledge that is also insightful and in-depth. These factors create … Continue reading

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Exchange Unwashed Digest – February 2015

February might be the shortest month but that’s no reason not to have lots to discuss on my “Exchange Unwashed” blog on Here’s what happened during the month – a lot about the new Outlooks apps and Delve, but … Continue reading

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Corrupt health mailboxes from a flattened Exchange server

I flattened an Exchange 2013 server the other day. I don’t mean that I took the physical computer out into the parking lot and drove a large vehicle over it to reduce the server to so many random bits of … Continue reading

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Synchronizing the Exchange 2013 public folder hierarchy across public folder mailboxes

For space reasons, this text is another bit that was cut out of my Exchange 2013 Inside Out: Mailbox and High Availability book. FWIW, here it is… As you’re probably well aware, public folders are scrubbed and polished to become bright, new, … Continue reading

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Why Clutter generates so many FAIs in user Inboxes

Playing around with the Get-MailboxFolderStatistics cmdlet the other day (as you do), I noticed that the number of items reported for the Inbox folder (8,443) didn’t match the number shown by Outlook (8,009). Of course, Outlook Web App has the … Continue reading

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