Talking Exchange 2013 on RunAs Radio

Last week I chatted with Richard Campbell, the genial host of RunAs Radio, about the release of Exchange 2013 SP1, why companies wait for the first service pack to appear before they consider deploying a Microsoft server application, the best features of SP1, how technology developed to help Microsoft succeed with Office 365 is making its way into the on-premises world, and some aspects of the SAN versus JBOD debate. Phew!

As always, the 30 minutes that Richard likes to give to any topic flew by and we were left with many unspoken thoughts, some of which might surface in a future program. The program I contributed to is now available online. You can download an MP3 file for the program here.

It’s just a pity that the furore around the limitations now known for modern public folders had not erupted before Richard and I spoke as otherwise I might have had a few things (even a few rude words) to say on that point. No doubt we will return to that topic in the future.

RunAs Radio is a good way to keep up with issues in the world of Windows. A program is recorded weekly (the archives are available here) and covers anything from SharePoint to Hyper-V to private clouds. It’s worth a browse to see if you can find something that might help understanding some aspect of technology. Or at least it might give you something different to listen to during a commute, treadmill exercise, or boring corporate concall.

And if you’d prefer to access information about their programs through Facebook, there’s a RunAs Radio page too.

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