Office 365 for Exchange Professionals: The book is built!


I’ve been asked what exactly is in Office 365 for Exchange Professionals, the eBook designed to help Exchange on-premises administrators understand how to transition workload to the cloud. Well, as the eBook has been built to be ready for distribution at Microsoft Ignite, I can tell you what is in the first version. The chapters are:

Chapter 1: An Overview of Office 365

Chapter 2: Making the decision to move to Office 365

Chapter 3: Migrating to Office 365

Chapter 4: Managing hybrid connections

Chapter 5: Managing Exchange Online

Chapter 6: Managing Exchange Online mailboxes

Chapter 7: Managing Groups

Chapter 8: Managing public folders

Chapter 9: Managing addressing

Chapter 10: Managing hybrid recipients

Chapter 11: Managing Mail Flow

Chapter 12: Managing Clients

Chapter 13: Retaining Office 365 Information

Chapter 14: Office 365 eDiscovery

Chapter 15: Information Rights Management

Chapter 16: Data Loss Prevention

Chapter 17: Office 365 Auditing

Chapter 18: Doing more with Office 365

Appendix A: Directory Synchronization

At 626 pages, we ended up with a much larger book than anticipated.  Some sponsors will have copies for distribution at Microsoft Ignite, so if you attend the conference in Chicago next month, you can maybe pick up a copy. I’ll let you know the sponsors and the arrangements that they make for distribution later on in the month.

If you’re at Ignite, make sure to come by my “Bumps and Blips on the Road to Cloud Nirvana: From On-Premises Microsoft Exchange to Office 365” session (BRK2164) on Thursday at 1:30PM. You never know what might happen there.

But if you’re not going to Ignite, you can head over to the book’s sales site and buy a downloadable copy. We will make copies available on May 4.

The first version is only the start of this eBook. Because Office 365 changes so quickly, we plan to make updated versions available on a regular basis. Because we have been heads-down to get the first version out the door, we have not figured out how to price updates, but we will get to that over the next week or so.

In the meantime, now that the first version is done, I think we’ll all have a little rest…

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About Tony Redmond

Lead author for the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook and writer about all aspects of the Office 365 ecosystem.
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5 Responses to Office 365 for Exchange Professionals: The book is built!

  1. Neil Karnik says:

    Looking forward to reading the book. Thanks Tony!!

  2. yacoob says:

    Any chance to have also a MOBI format?

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