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Twenty-five years chasing the dream of enterprise social networking

The fuss around Microsoft’s announcement of “the enterprise network and the future of work” at the SharePoint Conference (SPC14) in Las Vegas this week reminded me that we have been seeking to extract better information about the complex interconnections that … Continue reading

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VAX Notes remembered

I was surprised and delighted to come across a White Paper called “The Camelot of Collaboration” that documents the use of a now-forgotten technology called VAX Notes within the late-lamented Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Collaboration comes naturally to many today given information … Continue reading

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ALL-IN-1 trivia quiz from 1985

ALL-IN-1 was a forms-driven Office Automation (OA) product released by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Its origin were in software called the Charlotte Package of Office Systems Solutions (CP/OSS) written in 1981-82 by DEC Software Services in Charlotte, NC. The software … Continue reading

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